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Feng Shui World Latest Issue (Jan 2014) is Out. Get Your Copy Now!




Welcome to our Chinese New Year issue! The New Year is always the best time for change, and this January, we are making a big one here at Feng Shui World – we are going monthly! This is a big step for us as it means we will connect with our readers more frequently and bring you more in depth and timely stories all with the feng shui slant. Here at FSW we are sensitive to the luck factor, which always adds such spice, and gives such food for thought each time we read of someone winning an award or a natural disaster occurring. So do look out for FSW at your newsstands each month to read how good luck or misfortune affect contemporary newsmakers and events.

Ours is an international magazine and it is readily available for subscription online as well, so if you are a subscriber, you can access FSW digitally on your computer or iPad even before the print copy comes to you. All our subscribers receive complimentary digital access, which goes live as soon as each issue is complete. Having our magazine in your iPad means you can access vital feng shui updates each month that are sure to make your life go smoother!

Our Chinese New Year issue is always chockfull of vital information needed to make the coming year brighter and happier. In this issue, we carry a very complete summary of Lillian Too's Feng Shui Extravaganza 2014, held in December to allow enough time for everyone to prepare well for the lunar New Year, which comes early this time around. 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse, an exceedingly fiery one indeed, and you need cures to subdue the aggressiveness of the year. Already the changing energy is manifesting and we read about one fire disaster after another, from the erupting volcanoes in Indonesia and Europe, to the helicopter crash in Glasgow, train derailment in New York and even the breakouts of riots (yes, in Singapore can you believe!)...

It is important to subdue the energies around us to stay protected through the year, especially since it is also an unbalanced year with missing elements and super strong Fire energy. The good news however is that this year we have a Lap Chun, the manifestation of Spring energy, which promises at least a good start. There are opportunities for growth for those who know how to activate Spring energy. Read within for a comprehensive outline of what you can do to tap into the year's wealth luck. There is also a big feature on the 15 days of Chinese New Year that summarizes excellent traditional advice on what kind of activities will be most beneficial to undertake during the first fifteen days of 2014.

The year's imbalance of elements means we have to use creative ways to balance the energies of the year. In our newly-conceived fashion pages, we give our take on what works and what doesn't, from the luck of the year angle. We love to be fashionable and in our magazine this year we plan to increase our coverage on fashion, but as well as looking good, we want to also place emphasis on dressing auspiciously. There are many ways anyone can improve their luck through the colour, cut and lines of their clothes. Starting this issue, we bring you our comments on the latest trends coming out of the fashion capitals of the world.

Meanwhile, Awards Season has just started with many of the top nominations already announced... setting the stage for the BIG one the OSCARS next month, but as we go to print, the Golden Globe nominations are taking center stage. The Globes are a cool precursor to the Academy Awards, and they offer potential winners we can back at the Oscars. But more excitingly, the GLOBES honours entertainers from both Television and Movies. The date to look out for is Jan 12th when the Globes, hosted by the riotous duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will air.

Astrologically, what is interesting is that the two big movies this year – American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave – each boasts ensemble casts that have amazing astrological affinity. We bring you the details in our story, but it does show that when people with strong astrological links work together, they can really create magic together.

Our Hollywood feature is the stunningly talented and beautiful Jennifer Lawrence, who won last year's best actress at the Oscars and is up for more Globe and Oscar glory this year. Yes, we all love her and why not? She is incredibly entertaining but she also has powerful numerology pushing her to greater and greater stardom. We did the numbers for you and you can learn some vital stuff about the power of numbers so you can do some adding of your own to discover your own success potential.

One clue? It's the Jennifer factor, no less! Just think how many successful Jennifers there are in showbiz alone! From Aniston to Lopez to Garner et al...

We are also very proud to introduce readers to Yeo Yann Yann, the first Malaysian actress to win the very prestigious Golden Horse Award from the most highly regarded of Awards in Chinese cinema. Coincidentally, or not, she too has excellent numerology helping her! Her movie Ilo Ilo opens in January in Malaysia, and the movie is running for Oscar glory this March in the Foreign Film category of the Academy Awards; we are rooting strongly for her, her co-stars and director Anthony Chen (who also wrote the screenplay).

And finally, in this issue in our Life with Lillian column, Lillian shares the bliss she experienced when she led 68 people on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, India, the place where Buddha Shakyamuni gained enlightenment some 2500 years ago. Their host on this incredibly special passage was Khenpo Delek Rinpoche, who made the pilgrimage simply magical. Lillian describes the experience of doing extensive 1000 offering Pujas under the Bodhi Tree, circumambulating round the most holy Buddhist shrine in the world, meditating on Manjushuri the Wisdom Buddha in the ruins of the oldest University in the world at Nalanda, and reciting the Heart Sutra after trekking up the holy mountain of Vulture Peak. The pilgrimage culminated in a fabulous dance offering at the Mahaboudhi Stupa. That is when 21 ladies, devoted participants in the group, put on an impromptu but stunning performance of the Dance of the 21 Taras, after just one hour of practice. All the causes and conditions came together for this amazing event to take place - the music, the setting under the Bodhi tree, the lights, the costumes and most of all the ladies themselves swaying gracefully together, led by Mother Tara herself who manifested as the beautiful Juanita Lee. We bring you many wonderful photographs and anecdotes from the pilgrimage. Lillian is already planning the event where she will show videos of the pilgrimage including the Tara dance.

Tickets for Lillian Too's Spiritual Feng Shui event are on sale with early bird prices for those who sign up this month. Those of you who are prolific internet and mobile phone users, do subscribe to our various channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in close touch with us, and do sign up for our eZine at for all the latest news, updates and offers!

We wish you all a Happy New Year of the Horse.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and may all your wishes actualize with the wish-actualizing tree and the wish-granting jewel inside your home!